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Candidates should have passed Class XII from any recognized board.


A large number of private hospitals and clinics have come up all over the country. With increasing emphasis on quality of health care and patient satisfaction there is a tremendous need for persons with a professional qualification in Hospital Management.

Hospital Management is a new concept in management stream. Gone are the days when a senior doctor would generally be responsible for the role of a hospital manager. But in today’s era of specialization, the term hospital has undergone sea- changes and many categories related to medical sciences and hospitals have been revamped completely. We have ordinary hospitals, specialty hospitals and even super specialty hospitals depending upon the kinds of services they render to the public and the number of people they cater to.

As a Hospital Administrator, one has to be responsible for the overall organization and management of the hospital to ensure its smooth functioning with the objective of ensuring the complete satisfaction of the patient. One has to co-ordinate between the various departments of the hospital, ensure that all the equipment is functional, that there is a smooth flow of medical supplies and above all the required standards of cleanliness are maintained. Besides, one deals with the employees and financial matters. The emphasis is on quality, efficiency and cost containment. The challenge is to deliver the highest quality care at the lowest cost. It entails giving 100% of your time to quality in-patient care, lowering the length of stay, decreasing resource utilization, and working with the medical and administrative staff to co-ordinate all aspects of in-house care. For the smooth functioning of a hospital, qualified professionals are required. As a consequence, BBA Hospital Management program has been developed to churn out professional hospital mangers. Such individuals are by far exceedingly well-equipped to face the growing challenges and cater to the specific requirements of modern day hospitals. Hospital Management courses are not only for the science graduates but are also open to non-science graduates.

Most job opportunities in the field of Hospital Management are in hospitals, but one can also find openings in health agencies, laboratories and other health and allied services. Hospital administrators/ managers. Employment opportunities in this field are plenty. Fresh degree holders may start their professional career as assistant hospital administrators or as managers of non-health departments like finance. One can find employment in large corporate and public sector hospitals, international and national healthcare organizations and health insurance companies, College and Universities, Healthcare Portals, Nursing Homes, Mental Health Facilities, Pharmaceuticals and Hospital Supply Firms, Medical Software Companies and Hospital Consulting Firms

With this program student will develop an overview of Hospital administration, its environment and management with essential skills and tools necessary for running a hospital or a health unit successfully, in the first year itself. This provides the foundations that prepare the students to take on more challenging advanced modules in the second and the third year of the degree program.


The advanced modules focus on a closer examination of the operations of the hospital industry, particularly on the use and management of key resources, such as people, finance and IT, from a strategic perspective. With hands on training in the labs for Front office, housekeeping and service. The front office and housekeeping department too have their element of practical during the three year program on campus.



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