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Institute of Advance Education & Research (IAER),KOLKATA is an extended campus of Darjeeling Universal Campus (DUC)

About us

IAER Campus has completed more than a decades of empowering creative minds. Since its inception, IAER has evolved into a renowned institution of higher learning with a focus on Internationalism; Employability and Entrepreneurship. IAER Knowledge Campus offers various Undergraduate and Skill-Based Programs in Management, Hospitality, Hospital Management, and Computer Application.

The industry is growing manifold and future beholds a very competitive market led by the adoption of superior technology and aggressive business organization with a larger scale of operation.

IAER Campus has promoted into an industry leader that develops courses with a pulse on the needs of the entire spectrum of the industry. IAER Campus ensures that the industries and sectors that it caters to, are equipped with people who have the required skill set to spearhead growth, innovation and social development. IAER Campus is a pioneer in the Indian market, combining realistic learning and real time lectures in a structured manner, thus making learning more effective and engaging.

To promote the above, Institute of Advance Education & Research(IAER)  has setup the following colleges:

  • College of Education
  • College of Hospitality
  • College of Information Technology
  • College of Management
  • College of Health Care

For more information Please visit our IAER Kolkata Campus Website  https://iaer.in/


The professional standards and expectations

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Anup Sunam



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