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DUC is founded by a group of Professional to promote education and welfare of the young and impressionable minds of the country.

About us

DUC is pioneered by the erudite, progressive and philanthropic personality making an effort to start a integrated multi discipline knowledge campus at Darjeeling Hills in a hamlet valley called Takdah Cantonment. DUC trust has a deep desire to attain excellence that would be a benchmark in the field of professional education. It believes in the ‘triple’ approach i.e., erudition’, efficiency and ‘excellence’ in running the institution.

DUC Endeavour to have a team of faculty that will be a perfect conglomeration of intellect and experience, to provide a learning environment conductive to the development of future leaders in the educational society.

To promote the above, Darjeeling Universal Campus has setup the following colleges:

  • College of Education
  • College of Hospitality
  • College of IT & Management
  • College of Health Care
  • College of Legal Studies
  • Skill Institute


The professional standards and expectations

Priyanka Gurung


Anup Sunam



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