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Studying Abroad

One of the biggest allures of studying abroad is the opportunity to see the world and also the perceived employability overseas. When you study abroad, you experience brand-new cultures with incredible new outlooks, customs and activities.

Below are some popular study destinations favoured by many Indian parents and students and how much they would cost on average. Of course, the cost will vary depending on the course and university.

Country Annual Tuition Fees Annual Cost of Living Annual Cost Total
Australia 25,000 USD 18,500 USD 43,500 USD
Singapore 18,000 USD 19,500 USD 37,500 USD
United States 25,200 USD 12,000 USD 37,200 USD
United Kingdom 22,000 USD 14,000 USD 36,000 USD
Hong Kong 12,800 USD 18,000 USD 30,200 USD
Canada 16,000 USD 12,500 USD 28,500 USD
Source: HSBC’s Retail Banking and Wealth Management (RBWM), 2014.

While recent fluctuations in the Rupee has made it more financially difficult for parents to send their children abroad, this option continues to be in demand due to the high quality of education, study experiences and the higher chances of employability offered by these higher learning institutions abroad.

Twinning Programmes

Twinning programmes allow students to study a portion of their course in India, and then transfer to an institution in another country to complete their studies.

They are also known as “2+1” and “2+2” programmes. This refers to the structure of an undergraduate twinning course (two years in India + one year overseas). The structure of these twinning programmes can vary from university to university, and also depends on which country you are planning to study in (more below).

The credits a student accumulates, the material they cover, and the skills they acquire can be transferred, so they can pick up where they left off when they study abroad.

These programmes present a much more affordable option for those who want to experience student life abroad, and are becoming an increasingly popular option for Indians amid the fluctuating economy.

For example, if you enrol in India for a three-year twinning degree programme you finish two years of study in India and the last year in Australia, and might end up saving up to at least 6 to 8 Lakhs rupees in tuition fees and living costs compared to if you did the entire three-year degree in Australia!

Darjeeling Universal Campus have partnered with highly reputable institutions in other countries to create these programmes.

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